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    ◎ Huangshan Hecheng Silicon New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 and it covers an area of 25 acres,today,we have 3 R&D centers and multiple automated production facilities.

    ◎ Hecheng silicon started her journey with polyester staple fiber auxiliaries,which eliminated problems associates with polyester staple fiber production,our primary focus in the 21st Century is MORE. We offer a full line of polyester staple fiber auxiliaries,antistatic agents, functional auxiliaries, silicone emulsion products, silicone fluids / oils, etc. Our commitment is “Quality is top priority to company survival and developing” for both prospects and customers. Hecheng cooperate with research institutions, constantly innovate products, enhance quality, "combining online and offline , extending domestic and foreign markets", we building professional sales teams, after-sales service team, today,our customers are all over the world,we will keeping forward in future!

    ◎ Hecheng has a higher reputation in the international and domestic polyester fiber and silicone application industries, The company will continue to invest in research and development, continue to improve our products, upgrade the "Internet +" model, makes Hecheng "Be your trustable and friendly silicone supplier"





    Satisified quality Reasonable prices Completely technical service

    • Quality products
    • Professional team
    • Advanced production
    • Thoughtfully service

    Our 3 major Virtues

    1.Stable and quality products for the silicone industries

    We import international high-end production facilities, and keep whole production process under strictly control,we create the production circle from the raw materials input to the output around clockwise, to ensure efficient production and provide every of our customers with stable silicone products.

    2.Technology leads, brighten future

    Original asipiration always inspire us day and night. fellowing the protocal --’Quality products for our customers only’, we forming our own core technical team. On the road of research and development, we have overcome difficulties to launching new products one by one. Comfortable usage experience is priority to us, and it will makes Hecheng brandname shinning on the silicone map.

    3.The choice of trust, the source of growth

    Sometimes have to gazing the way we walking through, we knowing that product quality is the source of life of an enterprise, and after-sales service is the measurement of quality. For different product series, Hecheng has corresponding pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service teams to provide customers with a complete set of solutions with professional and reliable technical knowledge, and to be your friendly trustable supplier of silicone products.

    Contact Us

    *If you are interested in cooperation after reading the above information, please contact us in the following way. We will provide you with the most sincere service. Thank you for your support。

    • 0559-7816808 / 18905592780 范先生 / 13955965408 胡先生
    • 864429316@qq.com
    • Huang Shan Shi Xiuning Haiyangzhen Development Zone Fenglin Avenue 11
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